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Common  Questions

How many employees can participate?

 Every Charity Makeover event is custom. We have a team of 3 and our events are held for a maximum of 30 team members at a time. We always supplement our team with support staff as well as with experienced mentors to provide guidance & support during the event itself.

What sort of technical skills are learned?

We’re big into automation and doing more with small teams. We spend a lot of time developing customized solutions to reduce workload for the charities. Typically these fall into: Marketing Strategy (Social Media / SEO / Content), Sales Automation, CRM Implementation, custom developed softwares and applications.

What is the format of the events?

You let us know the date, number of employees and rough skill sets. We’ll do the rest. We have a virtual meet & greet and strategy session before the big day, but all you need to do is show up.

Where do you do corporate events?

We bring the event to you! We’re a team of location-independent entrepreneurs and we love to make an impact. Sign up and have a charity makeover in your city, we’d love to come visit.

How long do the events normally last?

Charity Makeover is a one day event. We have a virtual meet & greet and strategy session before the big day to ensure that everyone knows who the team leaders are, who is behind the charities, and what improvements / priorities are set for the event.

What sort of technical skills are needed?

An eagerness to positively contribute is all that’s needed. Having a certain level of technical expertise is appreciated, but we will customize the solutions delivered to these charities based on the skills of the team.

How much does a Corporate event cost?

As every event is customized, the cost will vary. We want to create a magical experience for you and your team, if cost is an issue we’re happy to work within your budget.

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