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Charity Makeover #7: Bali Edition

Feb 28th, 2020 | Canggu, Bali, Indonesia



You have a unique gift. And it’s the best charitable contribution you can make.

Anyone can donate money to support a charity. What if instead you applied your unique talent alongside fellow volunteers in a concerted way to help improve how that charity functions?

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What is Charity Makeover?

It’s a hackathon in which we come together for one day to fundamentally change the game for a handful of charities. These are scrappy, local causes with founders who are working hard on important problems but lack the in-house digital marketing expertise. We execute high-leverage projects in the course of a weekend that significantly advance their cause. 

Welcome to the first ever Tropical Charity Makeover

Wed, 26-Feb
Requirements gathering & team formation

[VIRTUAL] We will be assessing who we have as volunteers and the status of the charities we’re working with. Team leaders will be chosen during this time and we’ll form groups based on skill sets present and required.

Friday, 28-Feb
Strategy setting

We’ll reserve the night before the event for dinner and beers while we develop a strategy  around what we’re intending to build for these causes.

Saturday, 29-Feb


This is where it all comes together. One days of pure execution where we deliver the proposed projects. We’ll demo the output of our efforts the charities at the end of the day.


Meet the causes we’ve supported in the past:

Proyecto Caraya
Proyecto Caraya

A sanctuary for orphaned monkeys from the black market pet trade


A grassroots volunteer weekly effort to feed and clothe the homeless of Barcelona, Spain.

SEEDS for Autism
SEEDS for Autism

Vocational training and social development for young adults with autism

Want to nominate a charity for a future event?
The Lisbon Project
The Lisbon Project

Migrants and refugee integration program in the city of Lisbon

El Hogar Animal Sanctuary
El Hogar Animal Sanctuary

Refuge for orphaned and rescued animals and advocate for animal rights.

The Mentors
Thanks to these distinguished entrepreneurs for donating their expertise.

We're recruiting!

Interested in giving back? Tech leader willing to help teams focus on execution and delivering something tangible for these charities? We’re looking for you! Please fill out an application and note that you’re willing to volunteer as a mentor for the event!

Ben Lakoff

Ben is Head of Business Development for 2key Network, a trustless, decentralized donation platform that enables lineage tracking and frictionless payments via cryptocurrency. Ben is a world traveler having spent 8 of the past 10 years on the road and previously started the largest crypto exchange in Thailand. Ben will be assisting in sheperding event logistics and helping to keep teams focused on simple, high-leverage activities. 

Sean Tierney

Sean is Director of Sales for Pagely, Inc, the first Managed WordPress hosting company serving big media brands like Disney, Warner Brothers, Comcast, Univision and Meredith. Sean has 20+ years experience in tech and startups having founded a handful of startups and coached many more via his role as mentor for Seedspot, NACET, CEI, EvoNexus, Startup Lisboa, Canopy City and Beta-I. Sean will helping teams with applying Lean Startup and Customer Development principles. 

Where It’s Happening

This event is happening in Canggu, Bali.

We’re in the process of confirming the exact location, but you can count on it being in Canggu, Bali. Digital Nomad Central. We’ll have a space big enough to get creative and execute game-changing implementations for a handful of local charities. Don’t miss it.

Photo: Stephan Frohlich

Photo: Tijmen Hobbel

Canggu, Bali

This Event is Free, but capped at 30 participants

If you’re in the area you’re eligible to apply. We construct teams of developers, designers, copywriters, project managers, SEO/SEM and UX/UI experts depending on the needs of the charities and projects.

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