We’ve chosen the next organization we’re supporting and are planning a series of three Saturday events Jan, Feb & Mar 2014 to help support their mission. If you want to be involved apply here.  A small group of us will be meeting the afternoon Dec 21st at their building to take a tour of their operation and set the roadmap for the effort.  Here’s the current proposed plan done in three “sprints:”


Who we’re looking for:

  • PHP programmer to help implement the “Kiva-like” donation system (the current plan is to tweak this WP plugin).
  • Copy writer to help with crafting various verbiage on the website and in the print catalogue.
  • Infusionsoft consultant: we have a donated instance of Infusionsoft that we’re planning to use for hosting their store and handling the automated followup with various stakeholders. We could use one or two talented Infusionsoft folks to assist here.
  • Videographer: someone skilled with a video camera to film & produce various video footage for the program as well as document the effort itself. We’re hoping to utilize heavy video for them to create a more personal connection.
  • Photographer: someone with a good SLR camera and the ability to shoot photos for a product catalogue as well as action shots of students in the program.
  • Adwords expert: provided we are accepted for the Google Non-profit Adwords grant we’re going to have a fairly significant budget to work with for PPC. It would be great to have someone skilled at running Adwords campaigns help in setting those campaigns up.
  • Designer: we need someone with a background in UX and design to help rework their site and present this stuff in a compelling manner.
  • PR person: anyone with press contacts and experience getting solid media coverage to help us put some eyeballs on their program once these modifications are in place.
  • Social media: Someone who can help revamp their current social media strategy which consists of simple FB updates today. We’re looking at running a “suggest a product” promo contest on FB via GroSocial.

If you fit in any of the above roles and would like to be involved, volunteer and join the effort.

We learned a lot from the first pilot event as well as past Startup Weekends and Implementation Accelerator events. We’re incorporating all that learning into making this a fun, effective and worthwhile experience for everyone. Leave us a question below or just sign up and and we’ll send you the details of what to do next.

UPDATE 12/15: RSVP here for the initial pow-wow at SEEDs on Dec 21st

PS. Below some pics of their space: