Props to Matt, Brianna & Piyush for giving up their Saturday yesterday to help advance the cause. Here’s the update:

  • We have a Trello board up here for the project. It’s public so if you want to get involved take a look at the unassigned cards and get in touch if you see something you can handle.
  • We’re aiming to have the emails & landing page finished next time with the ability to accept recurring donations to test out this tiered recurring model we’ve proposed. The goal will be to have a ready-to-launch set of campaigns for the various constituencies we’ve identified. Brianna had some great insights from her background in fundraising with Pet Smart.
  • Piyush has already hashed out a rough campaign sketch in Infusionsoft (BTW big ups to Infusionsoft for donating a year’s worth of service for SEEDs).
  • Matt is fleshing out the elements of the landing page we set up.

Seeds for autism launch campaign

We’re really excited about running this test against the existing list. If by chance you have a access to a list that might be receptive to our message, we would love to chat with you. Check out the 7min video below for the backstory on the SEEDs program and why it has so much impact for the individuals it touches.

As always, if you want to get involved our next event is Feb 1st. We welcome your participation. Sign up here to get notified and then RSVP on the right to that event if you plan to attend.