Quick bullet point update on our last session with SEEDs for Autism:

  • We had our largest volunteer effort yet this past Saturday for SEEDs. We have a group photo below (Greg Bullock missed the photo because he was busy sequencing the video we made for them).
  • Having identified the biggest opportunity to be creating a scholarship program in which donors can sign on for a small monthly-recurring donation, we built that out and launched it this morning.
  • You can see the results of our effort here. We’ll do an educational post at another time but basically this involved cobbling together the landing page you see above, getting their scattered list of contacts normalized, categorized and imported into Infusionsoft, setting up an SSL cert on their site and wiring up Stripe subscription plans to Gravity Forms and then setting up a launch campaign in Infusionsoft.
  • We’ll update the blog with results but so far we did a pilot blast to the current list of 200 recipients and saw more than 50% open rate which is exciting.
  • The original vision was to do three sessions with SEEDs and then move on to the next charity but we like them so much and have so many ideas on how to enhance their stuff we’re inviting them back to participate again next month.
  • The opportunities we see at this point are around securing the Adwords grant for non-profits, incorporating their social media into this program and featuring the program more prominently in their marketing collateral and on their web site.

If you want to get involved check out the public Trello board we have been using to assign and track task progress and join the discussion we’ve started on our public forum. If you can knock out anything on that board, volunteer, claim a task and we’ll send you an invite to our next jam session.

In March we’ll be introducing a new charity into the mix: Tumbleweed Youth Shelter in Phoenix. These guys do amazing work to help troubled youth get off the streets and get on a productive path. They need our help and we’re thrilled to be able to provide it. Join the effort if you can spare a few Saturdays to contribute to a good cause.

Mad props to Co+Hoots for letting us work out of their beautiful cowork space in downtown Phoenix and also to Infusionsoft for donating the all-in-one email marketing software that powered the outreach and tracking in this effort.