We’re baaaaaaack and holding our next event in Cordoba, Argentina on April 22nd. You can learn more about what these events are by the video on the homepage and the explanation here. We’re in the early planning stages of this event but are reaching out to the following candidate charities:

  • Candido Can
  • Monkey Sanctuary
  • Fundacion Tierra Vida
  • Fundacion AFOS
  • Fundacion Acay
  • Hombre Nuevo
  • La Bajada NGO

If you know a local charity in Cordoba not on that list who would be a good candidate for us, please make an email between them and Coti Orías (constanza.orias@remoteyear.com) to apply for participation. We’re holding a virtual open call at 8pm on Wed Apr 5th with all applicant charities and will select the participating charities based on that call.

If you’re a local knowledge worker living in Cordoba and would like to be a volunteer at this event, register to attend by clicking the register badge on the right. Any questions, leave a comment here and we’ll be in touch. We look forward to working with you. And shout out to our sponsors for this event below: