I was lucky to be able to pitch the Charity Makeover effort on the last Nomad Cruise that just docked in Lisbon, Portugal. Here is that pitch:

Then just two nights ago I got to stand up at a local Social Impact Meetup in Lisbon and pitch it for that room as well:

I started this project four years ago in Phoenix, AZ as a weekend hobby to test the idea that we could become a force multiplier for local charities. We did three successful events but then shelved the effort due to time demands. I revived it 2ys later in the 11th month of our Remote Year program and took everything I had learned during that period to tune the event and make it more efficient & impactful. We proved via that event in Cordoba what’s possible in a single day when 14 people focus and collaborate together in a room for a good cause.

Given the reception from the audiences at the events above I think it’s time to reboot this initiative. I’m organizing the next event in Lisbon for the weekend of May 4th-5th in support of a few of the amazing local charities here who are facing technical and marketing challenges.

If you’re interested in getting involved here are the ways you can help:

  • Want to volunteer to work with one of the charities at the event and contribute your unique skillset? Apply to volunteer
  • Want to assist with logistics at the event itself (moving chairs, getting food, cleaning up, etc)? Apply to volunteer and just mark your skill as event logistics
  • Want to nominate a charity for consideration? Do so here (it can be your own but please be an existing nonprofit currently serving others)
  • Want to donate food to feed event volunteers? Message Sean on FB
  • Want to raise awareness of what we’re doing and stay up to date with our announcements? Like our FB page

Looking forward to rekindling this effort. If you happen to be in Lisbon come out to the Social Impact open mic we’re doing in the park tonight (Apr 16th) and let’s chat more. We’ll be the big group with someone (likely myself) playing the guitar.